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Dragon City Mod Apk old version

Some time latest version of an app create a problem on older device. It does not work because latest version no compatible. In this situation older version is best because the older version of the app is fixes the issue. So, we provide you previous version of the Dragon City Mod Apk app. These previous version is safe to download and free of cost. Dragon City Mod Apk old version is simple and easy gameplay. You can face different challenges and task like breeding, feeding and training dragon for weekly event. In this game all dragon are unlocked and have a unique abilities.

old version

Latest version of Dragon City Mod Apk

Dragon City Mod Apk is the hottest and amazing game. In the latest version of dragon city has 3D graphic , amazing visuals and perfect sound. In this game you can build your own city. There are 1000 different dragons collect and breed them. All dragons are different and unique each other and have unique abilities. You need to take care of your dragons and make sure all dragons are happy in different environment. Breeding and trained the dragons are important part of the game.

You can enjoy unlimited money and gems. Latest version of Dragon City Mod Apk 2024 have many features, For example breeding, feeding, unlimited money, free gems and unlocked all dragons. You can visit Dragon City Mod Apk latest version in homepage.

Dragon City Mod Apk latest version Features

latest version

Dragon City Mod Apk is simulation game. Latest version of this game have very good features. These features make them game more attractive and enjoyable. In this game the players breeding dragons to create rare spices and trained dragons for battles.

3D Graphics

Dragon city game has 3D graphics, visuals and wonderful sound system. Its high resolution has attracted the players.

Unlimited gold and food

In this game you build your island and obtain powerful dragons with unlimited gold. You can enhance your facilities without any limits. If you want to keep your dragons healthy you must grow food on your farms. You use the gold your dragons collect to big homes for them, overtime, You can upgrade these homes to fits more dragons.

Unlimited money and gems

In the latest version you get unlimited money and gems. Money is important to get things like food, dragons and habitats. This feature make the game easier and interesting, and you can get infinite features. Gems are super important in dragon city .In the latest version you get unlimited gems. You can unlock habitats and speedup your progress a lot.

latest version features

All dragons are unlocked

All dragons are unlocked in this latest version. You can participate arena battles and weekly event. You can easily buy food and resources for your new dragon.

Old version

Dragon City Mod Apk old version has very simple and easy features. Some time latest version of an app create a problem on older device. In this situation you can use old version dragon city game. In old version the main focus was on basic and simple gameplay task like breeding, feeding, and training the dragons. Old version is less complicated and easy gameplay. The game started with a small collection of dragons and habitats.

Dragon City Mod Apk latest version vs old version

Latest version

  • In the latest version game has interactive features and game mechanics have been improved.
  • 1000 + dragons are available and all dragons are unlocked.
  • 3D graphics , amazing visuals and a wonderful sound system.
  • Pvp matches and participate weekly events.
  • In the latest version you can also trade dragons and items with other players.
  • In the latest version you can play this game on both modes. but network connection is must if you participate the events.

Old version

  • In the old version limited features are available.
  • You can play dragon only online mode.
  • Not good social interaction.
  • In old version you can not collect more dragons.
  • Graphics are very simple and not in HD form.
  • No attractive visuals and sound.


Yes, Dragon city is generally appropriate for children.

Game developed by Bioware. Its age is 15 years old.

Yes, Dragon City Mod Apk is the best simulation game.

Yes, You can easily play dragon city old version.


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