Quantum Voyage Event

Dragon City introduced the Quantum Voyage Event to players On March 7, 2024,. This event brings forth the High Quantum Wormhole Dragon, the first-ever Heroic Quantum dragon, along with a plethora of new challenges to challenge Dragon Masters’ abilities. Spanning from March 7 to May 16, 2024, this event offers a 70-day window for players to engage and vie for fantastic rewards, including two different Skill Skins.

Quantum voyage events

Dragon City MOD APK Quantum Voyage Event Unlimited Rewards

Firstly I introduce the Heroic Quantum voyage event wormhole Dragons! Participate in the event to earn the best reward with two special skill skins. The event started from 7th March to May 16th 2024.

Game is enough vampiric manipulation to end and strike true and most precious and sharp eyed dragons will do .This dragon won’t stop until its enemies are left and defeated. There are two special skins for the high quantum wormhole dragon.

wormhole skin

This skin enhances the dragon of the High Quantum wormhole Atomic Ace skill and attaches beauty. High Quantum worming various tasks and the whole dragon allows it to take extra turns in battle.

Blackhole skin

This blackhole skin enhances the damage of the High Quantum wormhole gravity hole skill, and reduces its cooldown time, boosts the damage of its dark attack ,and increases the 25% dragon life point.

Quantum voyage

There are following seasons of the Divine Pass:

Quantum Voyage

High Quantum wormhole dragon (Marc 7th_March 21st)

Behind the veil

Pulse guard dragon (March 121st_ 18th April)

Protective pulse

Veil guard dragon (April 18th_May16th)

After completing divine pass you can earn divine points and obtain Quantum insignias found on the extra nodes. You can choose the Elite pass to maximize rewards! You can get the Elite pass through the online store.

Quantum voyage events

Dragon City Mod APK Quantum Voyage Event function

After completing challenges and quests players can earn skill skin and rewards. Here is define about these skill skins.

Players can earn Skill Skins and other rewards by completing challenges and quests. Here we explain in short about these skins. you will get these Dragon Skins from events and use them for protection. Unlock all dragons are there so its depends you take dragon and customize it. 

Quantum voyage collection

In Dragon City Mod APK the collection of quantum voyages is an important part of the Quantum event. It gives the opportunities to earn Quantum insignias by completing various tasks and challenges during the event time. You can collect Quantum insignias by participating in different challenges .

Blackhole skill skin

After completing the Quantum voyage collection you get the black hole skill skin. This blackhole skill skin boosts the dragon s life 25% makes its dark attack stranger and less the gravity of the high Quantum blackhole skill skin. When the Quantum Voyage event is active, you can get it through the Elegant Divine Pass. So, starting the game and start to avail of this opportunity!

Wormhole skill skin

The wormhole skill skin increases your dragon power and strategic abilities in battle. It gives your dragons extra turn on the battlefield and damages Atomic ice skill and attacks the beauty. If you get this wormhole skill skin, participate in the Quantum voyage event. If you want to enhance your dragon performance ,start the interesting game and apply the skin. In the event, Quantum Insignias can be earned by completing different unique tasks and challenges. These hint are crucial for reaching event goals and unlocking special rewards, fulfil excitement and enjoyment to the game.

Quantum Voyage Event Rewards

Participating in the Quantum voyage event you can get different tons of rewards like unlimited money and gems and many others. There are rewards waiting for you at each milestone.

Milestone 1 “collect Quantum insignias”.

A Quantum Chest can hold unlimited of gems, Quantum Insignias, food, Quantum Dragon Orbs and bonuses for breeding dragons.

Milestone 2″ jump through the milestone”.

In this Quantum Chest, you’ll find Wormhole Dragon Orbs, which are the most powerful dragon orbs in Dragon City, as well as food, habitat tokens, and trading essences.

Milestone 3″ avoid the dilation”.

In this Quantum Chest, you’ll find the High Quantum Wormhole Dragon, along with other strong dragons, orbs, and coins.

Milestone 4 “Try the Blackhole Skill Skin”

In this Quantum Chest, Players can unlock that grants them 500 Orbs of the High Quantum Wormhole Dragon, along with its exclusive Blackhole Skill Skin.


These milestones are great to get rewards and improve the gameplay. from Dragon roster to unlocking skill skin. By collecting Quantum Insignias and facing the event challenges, these milestones encourage continuing play and strategic planning. These milestones offer great rewards and enhance gameplay, ranging from expanding the dragon roster to get Skill Skins. By collecting Quantum Insignias and control them event challenges, players are encouraged to keep playing and strategies.

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