Dragon City Mod APK v24.7.2(Unlimited money,Gems,One hit )

Dragon City Mod Apk is an adventurous ,interesting and popular game. In this game you will play an active role and find several premium features that are completely unlocked. You can create different areas such as dragon houses, gold factories, food farms and islands. You can raise and train multiple dragons. These dragons protect the island from enemies.

Dragons can build your own city  and collect all the dragons in the gem. Dragon City game is the most popular and interesting game. This game is available for android and PC both. If you want to play PC version then click that given link.

dragon city

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Introduction of Dragon City Mod APK

Starting the game  you have only two baby dragons, when they become young they play battles against your enemies and challenges. All dragons have different skills and income rates, these skilful dragons help you to earn money.

The game has amazing 3D visuals and sound. Dragon City Mod Apk old version is simple and easy gameplay Let’s download its original version from the google play store and enter an adventurous world. We provide latest version of Dragon City on this site. Dragon City game play on your mobile phone or iOS.

Dragon City

The Storyline of Dragon City Mod APK

At the beginning of the game you have only two baby dragons. It is your responsibility to feed and grow these baby dragons. When these baby dragons grow up, they participate in different arena battles against enemies and earn money. Then you can use this money for different feeding products. During the development of baby dragons we need food. So you build your food farm and island.

If you want to earn more money then you can hatch high income eggs. After the hatching process a baby dragon will appear. Feed the baby dragon and put it on the place which is called Tera Habitat, and get unlimited food , gold and unlimited gems to helps these baby dragons grow. In the hatching process you can earn money and you can get habitats and new buildings and make your city or island.

All dragons have different skills and different income rates, which help to earn more money.

Modified Features of Dragon City Mod APK

Dragon collection

In this game you get  different  types of dragons like ice or flame dragons. All types of dragons have a unique appearance and skill set. you can create a powerful team of dragons. They help you make money and improve your dragon home. These dragons train your army to fight against  other rivals.

Build a Dragon City

Not only can you collect special dragons, you also get to make your own dragon island. You can train your dragons and customize dragon islands according to your wishes, Such as food farms and gold factories. You can also explore your friend island and try to be the top player in Dragon City Mod Apk using its features (always winning and beating foes in one hit).

Build a dragon city

Training of the dragons

You will take care of your dragons, feeding and training them. You can train and prepare dragons for epic battles against players. These train dragons can participate in different arena battles against enemies.

Farming system

In this  game you can build a dragon island and farm food for your baby dragon. When a baby dragon is born, They grow up on this island. These baby dragons need food so you should build a farming system

Play weekly events

Every weekly event happens, in this event you can participate and introduce new dragons. In these weekly events you can win best prizes and breed them in the event. Dragon City Mod APK is very easy to play and has various models and best features.

Dragon Battles

This game is an online and multiplayer game, during the game you can participate in different arena battles and fight with your competitor player. Millions of people create strong strategies and challenge competitors players and other players.

Dragon battles

Good graphics

Dragon city Mod Apk has 3d graphics, amazing visuals, and a wonderful sound system. You can witness its gameplay. A game structure like landscapes and objects has maintained its neutrality. It has a high resolution, and the change of locations from time to time has attracted lots of players. They are enthusiastic about this game and ready to perform the task by benefiting from its above features.

good graphics

Multiplayer access

You can play this game by using the internet with your friends and other players. This game provides multiplayer gameplay.

Dragon market

In this part of the game you can purchase dragons habitats and other necessary items. The market offers a variety of things, From rare dragons to the tools you need to take care of them.

Gameplay Mode

There are three types of modes.

  • Adventure Mode
  • Alliance Mode
  • Arena Mode

How to train your Dragon

The Dragon can only be used in Training Centre level 15 and higher. When your Dragon joins the Training Centre, they become more stronger and make new attacks in combat. You can only use the Training Centre for your dragons, they learn more powerful and new moves for battle

 Mod features of Dragon City Mod APK

Unlimited gems

Gems are super important in Dragon City, You get unlimited gems. You can unlock habitats and speed up your progress a lot.

Unlimited money

Dragon City Mod APK gives you unlimited money. You can use it to purchase food for your baby dragon. Money is an important factor in this game . It can be used to buy gems and dragon eggs with their gold.

All dragons unlocked

All dragons are unlocked in this modified version of dragon city all dragons are unlocked. You can participate in arena battle and weekly events. You can easily buy food and resources for your new dragon.

Unlimited food and gold

In this game food is very important for dragon. In mod version you can buy as much food as you want because you have unlimited gem

Unlimited everything

Exploit what is available indefinitely in all aspects, which allows free play and fast progress.

Hatching and Breeding

Speed up the rates at which your dragons can hatch and breed to expand the size of your army of dragons as well as try out different division pairs.

Most powerful dragons in Dragon City Mod APK

  • Destiny Dragon
  • Clarity Dragon
  • Big fins Dragon
  • Ride Dragon
  • Grass Dragon

How to play Dragon City Mod APK?

This game is the best android simulation game. In this game you can easily build your dragon city on a floating island. You can easily decorate the island with building, farming and habitats. You can train dragons and breed hundreds and thousands of best dragons. These best dragons participate in multiple events.

Pros and Cons of Dragon City Mod APK


  • Mod menu
  • Weekly events
  • Build island
  • Interesting and unique game
  • HD graphics
  • unlimited everything
  • Smooth controlling system


  • Time consumption
  • Higher level is hard
  • Get Dragons through breeds

Tips and Tricks

There are some Tips and Tricks for Dragon City MOD APK.

Train your Dragons

Training your dragons is crucial because that is the only way you can unlock their untapped potential in Dragon City Mod APK. In fact, training makes them acquire new skills and become even stronger.

Besides, it improves their fighting skills. Additionally, if you want your dragons to always be at their very best then you should use the mod that has unlimited resources so as to hasten their training process.

Hence a strong and well skilled army of dragons who can easily overcome any difficulty on the arena! You can train your dragon in a training centre and make it energetic and stronger.

Breed rare dragons

 Always try to breed rare dragons because they have a high skill rate,  So you can quickly earn too much gold. But the most fun and an interesting possibility of getting some extra strong friends in the Dragons City Mod APK is the breeding of rare dragons.

Subsequently, when he mixed up one type of dragons with another, he stands to such a whopping that he met hybrids, or dragons which are completely new and rare, infested with uncommon skills and beauty. Unlock those rare breeds and give your dragon city a unique feel with the help of the mod’s free unlimited money.

Breed rare dragons to improve your team’s power and thus win the dragon battles.

Download dragon city game for PC 5

 Participate in event

Joining in events is one of the amazing methods of being awarded with exclusive rewards and special dragons in Dragon City Mod APK. It also includes a gameplay that is far from regular run-through tasks, thus making you use your skills and good strategies.

Meet numerous challenges such as specialized battles, mission completion or goal-setting to acquire rare dragons among other things like gems, golds and resources that are very much valuable.

Therefore, don’t just watch these exciting incidences pass by since they will enable you to boost your dragons’ collection as well as empire’s strength.

It is an important factor in how you can create and design your island efficiently.

Farming system

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In order to rear your young dragons, the farming system in Dragon City Mod APK is a must. You can create an efficient farm that will ensure your dragons never go hungry using this mod’s infinite resources.

If you have endless gold and jewels, it is easy to develop your farms and build up your dragon empire.

you need food for your baby dragons, So in this game you build and design a farming system.

Download & install Dragon City Mod APK (One hit, Menu)2024

Dragon city mobile Mod APK is one of the best simulation games.  Dragon City APK mod 2024 You can download this game by following .

  • Allow unknown resources from settings.
  • Click the download button below.
  • Install it on your Android.
  • Open the file after completing download.
  • When the game is completely installed, enjoy the latest unlimited features.
  • You can easily use all the features of dragon city without paying.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

Yes,This game is free.

No,Dragon city is online game.you have to connect internet on your device then you play this game.

Dragon City Apk game is adventure and simulation game. In this game you have unlimited features.Here you can collect and raise your dragons.

Because you make your dragons more energetic.

Yes,This website provide you safest and latest modified version of Dragon city.

You have 1000+ Dragons in this game and you can unlock all the dragons and use them for battles.