Dragon City Mod APK vs My Singing Monster

Simulation games are one of the most well-known genres in the gaming industry. There are always two top games in this category: My Singing Monsters and Dragon City Mod APK. These role-playing videos simulate real life or something based on reality within a game.  users almost everything until the ultimate feature controls over the simulated world, it could be fictional too.

So now we are going to discuss the differences between Dragon City Mod APK and My Singing Monsters and the pros and cons of both games.

In this world My Singing Monsters, build your own songs and share with others. Welcome to my singing Monster world. In this game you collect and breed musical monsters. These monsters build their own songs with unique vocals and sound effects. Compared with other games where monsters fight, but here we trained them to sing instead. This fun and unique concept was designed by Big Blue Bubble.

my singing monster

My Singing Monster Latest Version

Mod Detail

One Hit Kill


Android 6.0



Up Dated

May 2024


225 MB

Made by

Social Point

Here every Singing monster contributes to songs, each monster beats its own tune. We feed them breed and different food. After hatching the monster and when they are ready , then we placed in the game

Breeding Dragon 1

Explore the world of My Singing Monsters Mod APK

Know about the musical world of My Singing Monsters. In this game a lot of diamonds and money are required. In the latest version of Mod APK, We get unlimited money .

Premium APK gives access to the private service. Dragon City Mod APK vs My Singing Monsters is comparative given and gets higher ranking. These games are the best simulation popular and higher ranking.

download My Singing Monster

Download the Dragon City Mod APK game on my site and get superb features and play smoothly. Big Blue Bubble developed My Singing Monster .

This is a simulation game, In this game firstly hatching the monster and producing different varieties to grow your collection. All monsters are different and unique with each other. My Singing Monster also creates beautiful music and the islands lively atmosphere and then you will observe the progression and show your friend what you have made. During this you can unlock new islands , features and monsters.

Player can play their own monster in different islands because monsters can create attractive and unique songs. If you want to grow your own monster, you need to raise and feed it like a little baby.

Features of My Singing Monsters

Educational value in this game

Players teach musical principles and unique composing.

Creative expression

Players create music and arrange monsters and engage with unique sounds.

Community engagement

Players can participate online activity in the community.

Unique ideas

My Singing Monsters have unique ideas, combine music and monster collection.

Regular update

Regular updates bring new monsters and keep the game fresh and exciting.

Engaging gameplay

The game play experience is improved of dynamic graphics and create unique sound designe.

Collect over 150 Monster

Collect a verities of monsters , each monsters are different and unique personality.

Decorate island

Construct and decorate number of different and unique island with its own environment.

Unlimited money and gems

After completing mission you earn unlimited money and gems.

Breed unique monsters

Develop new monsters by breeding, that are completely unique creatures.

Customize music

each monster has a unique sound, you have ability personalize your own music.

Multiplayer interaction

You can engage multiple activities ,visit islands friends and exchange gifts.

Participate in events

Participate in events and challenges throughout the year to earn rare monsters.

Please notes My Singing Monster is free to play but you can avail additional stuff in the game with money. You can changing your google play account setting.

Features of Dragon City Mod APK

Traditional game play

This gameplay has traditional breeding and fighting games.

Competitive focus

In this game players focus only on competitive fights and collecting dragons.

Lack of musical elements

This game does not have unique musical features.

Limited community interaction

This game has limited interaction and may not encourage much teamwork.

Emphasis on game mechanics

This game only focuses on game mechanics with low educational value strategy and collection.

Dragon City Mod Apk Vs My Singing Monsters Negative and Positive reviews

latest version

Dragon City Mod Apk Positive reviews

  • Exciting events keep the game fresh and entertaining.
  • ONE hit kill feature enabled in Dragon City Mod APK.
  • This game is easy to understand and friendly for newcomers.
  • Unlock all Dragon features.
  • Connect with friends and enhance your gameplay experience.
  • Dragon City Mod APK easily access unlimited everything.
  • Interesting and simulation game.

My Singing Monster Negative reviews

  • Have an unlimited connection on social platforms.
  • Due to the content it is not entertaining.
  • Laborious gathering and feeling tedious and frustrating.
  • Difficult to complete tasks .
  • Performance issue in older devices and slow loading time.
  • Newcomers facing problems during breeding combination and island management.
  • Repetitive gameplay for some players.
dragonapk.com 5 1


My Singing Monster easy to use music editor and compose your own original and unique song.

My Singing Monster get rewards for logging in daily , If daily log in for 3 days get 3 diamonds and same log in for 10 days get 25 diamonds.

In my singing monster ,you collect and breed various monsters ,you can create a new monster species, each monster have its own unique musical style.

Yes ,it is a safe game for everyone .

No, This game require an active internet connection.

  • Go to the shop
  • Click on structures
  • Scroll a bit and click wrap
  • Now you can speed high and slow down your song.

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