Dragon City Mod Apk for IOS

Dragon city mod apk is a very interesting  and adventurous game. Dragon city is a must play for IOS gamers who enjoy, and creating their own dragon island. In this amazing game you can create dragon paradise ,breed, raise and battle dragons. Dragon city is a magical game if you play on IOS devices. In the starting game there is a tutorial for help you, how to play when you play a game on your mobile phone or IOS. Dragon city is free and safe download app for IOS.

Dragon City

Dragon City Mod Apk download for IOS

Dragon City Mod Apk (Mod menu) is the hottest game if you play on an IOS device. This game has amazing features on IOS devices. You let breed and train and battle with over 1000 thousand unique dragons. Here players touch and control easy gameplay. There are so many dragons in Dragon City mod apk game. There are small dragons, big dragons, cute baby dragons, land dragons, fly dragons. Dragon city is free and safe download app for IOS. In this. Join the game and build your own dragon city, and collect hundreds of dragons through breeding, each dragon has a special story. The game is developed by social point and also available on both IOS and android platform.

Features of dragon city mod apk

Build a dragon city

Players also build and customize your own dragon city. Dragons need a home and place to grow, In the dragon city island you also build dragon farms, markets and produce extra gold and food.

Dragons events

Breed and Battles everything

In the game players can breed and raise hundreds of dragons .Each dragon is different and has a unique appearance and skills. In the game players can breed their dragons and mate them to create new species. This game is very easy to play on an IOS device. Players can easily breed and train dragons using the natural touch control on IOS.

breed dragon


In Dragon city, game players make friends with other device players and show off their dragon in tournament and PVP battles.

Good graphics

Dragon city has lovely features and beautiful graphics and designe. The delightful graphics features make the game lively and fun.


Tournaments and Event

This game involves battles and tournaments. In these tournaments they test their dragons power and skills. Understanding the strength and power of each element are very important in battles, winning special dragons, lots of gems, gold and higher ranking worldwide.

dragon battles

Meet are human character

In this game you easily meet human characters. In this game human-like characters in the game’s storyline or quests, the focus remains on breeding, training, and battling with dragons.

Collect hundred of dragons

collect dragons

There are hundreds of dragons that collect, breed and mate. These dragons are different from each other and have a unique appearance and skills.

Collect dragons

Complete dragons book

Mix dragons with fire, pure, legends and many other elements to breed unique of over 1000 awesome dragons. 

Unlock the advance features

In this game you easily unlock the advanced game features like the Ancient World and build the Guardian Dragon Towers.

Advantages and Disadvantages


  • Simulation game
  • Unlock dragons
  • 3D graphics
  • Quick updates
  • Unlimited foo, gems and gold
  • Weekly events and tournaments
  • PVP matches
  • Complete dragon book
  • Social intractions


  • Internet speed
  • Engaging game
  • Repetitive experiences
  • Balancing issues
  • Deeds proper attention


Yes, Dragon City available on Windows IOS and android.

Open the App Store on your iOS device.

Click on your Account icon 

‘Available Updates’ look for Dragon City and click on ‘Update’

If you have connected Dragon City game to your Facebook account on your android phone, You can also sign in to that same Facebook account on your iPhone or I pad. You can easily transfer Dragon City from android to iPhone.


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